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I’m Volkan Şenol
an award winning
lead user-experience designer & scrum master.

I design to combine creative and usability viewpoints with the proven know-how in modern web and mobile applications.
I had privilege of working with companies such as Multinet Up , Parantez, OfisPaneli, Vodafone & more.

I designed a compelling user experience to improve brand loyalty, customer retention and visit-to-order ratios. Currently I am managing 2 development teams and one design team with an agile methodology which is called Scrum.
I am a newbie photographer, also living in İstanbul.



Building a Saas Product

OfisPaneli is a SaaS product which finds suitable suppliers to reduce SMEs expenses and to give offers to SMEs. Offers and contract processes are online experience which is used by 1200 companies.

I worked with the owner of the product to determine the companies' bid and contract phases. Customer experience map helped me solve customer - sales operation relationship. So I worked closely with the product owner and share to develop ideas about the product by drawing user flows and wireframes.

I assisted the software development team in developing the MVP of the business model by coding the CSS and HTML of the interfaces I needed and designed.

I managed all the development processes of the growing software development team as Scrum Master. I coached the team and the product owner for Scrum adaptation.
I managed the design team so that the design team could work more efficiently by prioritizing the tasks needed by the marketing team.

Award winning Fintech App Story

MultiPay App is official Multinet App which is a financial tech company. As a employee using Multinet card, I want to pay with QR code, top up easily and redeem campaigns which are specialized to users without using Multinet card.

I searched how users paid in the restaurant, at the market, at the petrol station, and integrated into practice.

I struggled to coordinate all the teams by working with the product owner, the software team and the marketing team. I made my ideas about the application wireframe, user flow and prototyping so that everyone is on the same page.

By prioritizing the design needs of the software team and sharing it with the design team, I have enabled the team to work efficiently. At the same time, I managed the interface design decisions by forwarding the marketing team 's interface design requests to the design team.



Trying to combine UX Design and agile framework

UX Design
Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch , A/B User Testing, Requirements Definition, HTML5 / CSS3, Microsoft Office, App Analytics, Prototyping Tools,Information Architecture, User-flows, Customer Journey Mappings, User Testing...

Scrum Master
Team Coach, Facilitator, Leader of Agile Framework, Impediments Destroyer, Master of Prioritization



I had privilege of working with companies.


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Living in Istanbul
+90 (532) 602 53 38