Story of award-winning financial technology mobile app

"To remove the physical card in the future and make all the connection with the card through the application."

The main purpose of the Multinet Fintech Company

As a employee using Multinet card, MultiPay App let to employees pay with QR code, top up easily and redeem campaigns which are specialized to users without using Multinet card.

Not having the habit of using the Multinet card outside of work. The product features such as the monthly average spending rate of the card were major obstacles for the development of the business model.
Problem came out of the fact that Multinet wanted to touch the end user much more than before and formed the strategy of the product owner.


These Multinet card holders can not use
the Multinet card after they change jobs. With the application, it was able to use the Multinet card at any time.

reveal diversity of behaviour

The primary target audience is over 500,000 employees; they are Multinet card holders who are allowed to spend their employees' food and beverage, fuel, hotel and shopping expenses on this card.

protect & develop current habit

Often employees had to carry their cards with them to pay at lunch. The aim was to develop this behavior and allow it to pay without a card.

be game changer

Problem came out of the fact that Multinet wanted to touch the end user much more than before and formed the strategy of the product owner. I was the part of the strategy team to built app.

Storyboards and customer journey maps helped me the best way to design.

I searched how users paid in the restaurant, at the market, at the petrol station, and integrated into practice.

I struggled to coordinate all the teams by working with the product owner, the software team and the marketing team. I made my ideas about the application wireframe, user flow and prototyping so that everyone is on the same page.

By prioritizing the design needs of the software team and sharing it with the design team, I have enabled the team to work efficiently. At the same time, I managed the interface design decisions by forwarding the marketing team 's interface design requests to the design team.

Eating & Drinking
Customer Journey Map

Ordering Meal
Customer Journey Map

Market Shopping
Customer Journey Map

Business Travelling
Customer Journey Map

Clothing Shopping
Customer Journey Map

Clothing Shopping
Customer Journey Map

Entry & Exit from Office
Customer Journey Map

Car Rental
Customer Journey Map

Multinet will develop the business model with this application, the deadlines for the processes must be short and intensive to investigate. Therefore, it is a challenging process to investigate 6 different products that are connected to the application strategy in 2 months and to create a user experience map. Multinet cards transactions such as eating and drinking, fuel, hotel are made up with different cards, so I see that the dynamics among the cards are very different.

Another issue was that we had to redesign the technical requirements so that MultiPay would come out as a new version onto the existing application. It was important to preserve the current practice habits.

A Streamlined Payment Experience & More.

Transition from abstract to concrete

I have observed the users who eat and drink, fuel and accommodation on the Multinet card. This helped reveal user experience maps for each different area. I interviewed these users and got feedback on their experiences so that the stories came out.


Feedback from users helped to reveal the product-function hierarchy in order to determine the importance of the functions already in use by the application and the functions expected from the new application. In this design, this helped me decide which functions should be brought to the forefront.

Searching for the right solution

I made various types of app design sketches and worked on it. Discussed ideas with marketing team, product owner and design team with wireframe and interface designs. I succeeded the most suitable user experience design for MultiPay App

It was exciting to make such an application with such complex and overloaded functions simplest with numerous sketches and experiments. The most annoying was our dependency, which was the team that designed corporate identity. Because their process was influencing the work process of the user experience design team and it was very difficult to deal with it.

By developing applications with these observations;


Multinet cardholders paid With QR which succeed cardless payment process


Increased cashback amount which explained campaigns redeemed by users


Loaded extra money to their debit card because users wanted to pay more with MultiPay App


Lesson I learned

Dependencies cut your time

If another team you are not a leader is dependent on your own team, then you have a lot of difficulties to catch the deadline. I could do more research development at the beginning of the user experience process. So we could reach the solution more easily. However, I could offer more differently out-of-the-box concepts.


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