Story behind building Saas Product

"As a small and medium-sized company, it is a very difficult process to receive offers from electricity, cargo, fuel and insurance suppliers in Turkey"

And That is a Problem

OfficePaneli Saas is a platform where small and medium-sized companies in Turkey can negotiate with suppliers such as electricity, cargo and insurance costs; offer and contract transactions online and they will be able to do so.


As a small and medium-sized company, it is a very difficult process to receive offers from electricity, cargo, fuel and insurance suppliers in Turkey.

SME's lose their time and do not have enough human resources for quotes or contract management.


70% of companies in Turkey are in the small and medium-sized company class and need to save time for this segment's rapid growth and lose time to get the right offer.

OfisPaneli makes this bid easier and easier to process the contract. At the same time, he can see how much he has gone through the deal he has made so he can manage his expenses.

easy to understand what serves product

As users experience the offer and contract processes on an online platform, they can use the company information they have entered into when negotiating with another supplier. It saves time and money for these users and it is much easier to make a supplier deal.

clean user experience

SME’s first selects the product they want to bid for and fill out the form. After the salespeople communicate with the phone and receive detailed information, they transmit the offer via e-mail or sms. The user fills in the company information required for the contract in question from the web application and previews and approves the contract. After spending on contracts that are active, they can see their expense report on the same application.

I worked with the owner of the product to determine the SME's offer and contract phases.

I assisted the software development team in developing the MVP of the business model by coding the CSS and HTML of the interfaces I needed and designed.


I managed all the development processes of the growing software development team as Scrum Master. I coached the team and the product owner for Scrum adaptation.

I managed the design team so that the design team could work more efficiently by prioritizing the tasks needed by the marketing team.

Offer and contract management should be simplified as never before

Digitalization of offer & contract process designed

I have studied the companies and the operations teams that carry out these processes without digitalization. As a result, there is a sales panel where the operation team needs to manage the processes well and a customer panel where the customers can manage the bidding and contracting processes.

I talked to the sales teams who carried out this work offline. Since the customer is the team with the nearest temast, they both help to better understand the business and have exchanged ideas.

User tracking and A/B testing improved our design

A / B tests were conducted to make it easier for users to fill in the offer experience. We use Optimizely for A/B testing. Furthermore SME's do not approve contracts that they have previewed in the contract experience. We found this on HotJar by following the users and developed this step.



Product is used by different SME's Communities

Vodafone wanted to use the license in order to make the designed platform use wider masses. A Saas product that can adapt the interface designs to the corporate identities of other brands besides OfisPaneli has emerged successfully.

Challenges & Constraints

We succeeded in adopting the Scrum method and understanding to teams, and we had a 2-week deadline based on the demands and priorities of the business model. This required teams to plan and work effectively.

The software team designed the Saas product as a single page application using new technologies. But with the technical design, applications such as IE7 had to work in the browser. According to customer experience the application had to be a responsive design at the same time.



Lesson I learned

Managing processes of effort is the most important thing

Technically, the product's style guide was designed through the Semantic UI CSS framework. The Semantic UI is a very useful framework for style guide components, but the front-end software's learning curve is long and not as common as the bootstrap.

Thanks to Scrum, the organization of the teams provided a lot of flexibility in the project. Accurate functions have been developed with the right strategy to get the pace quick.
We could move with a bit more metrics.

I am excited to see that the product is sold to Vodafone to spread it widely and that it is possible to sell the designed product. But before the product was designed, it was a difficult process to simplify and to have a lot of product, legal and business boundaries in the research process.


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